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Christkindl Market

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MissThe80s --- 6 years ago -

Christkindl Market is from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Dec. 1 at Riley’s Conference Center. A German inspired holiday craft show, it will include more than 50 vendors selling hand-crafted gifts perfect for the holidays. Children’s activities include a snow tent, live reindeer, carousel, cookie decorating and more. Adults can enjoy some Gluhwein while taking in the sounds of one of the local children’s choirs. Each child will receive a free picture with Santa. For more information, call 785-239-8990.   

MissAttitude --- 6 years ago -

I really wish they would change the name of this, there is nothing German inspired about this. It's all the same thing, tutus, hand made acu purses, yarn wreaths, scentsy. They need to rename winter craft show.
I miss the true Christmas markets when we were stationed overseas. 

MissThe80s --- 6 years ago -

If it is anything like the Oktoberfest Carnival, then there really won't be anything German about it. :/

I hope it will be better this year than I have heard of in the past. 

MissAttitude --- 6 years ago -

I went last year and it sucked, I was there a whole maybe 15 minutes. 

a3215608uu --- 6 years ago -

It is NOTHING compared to a real Christkindlmarket, it is just a sells party...and then it is not even christmas related crafts...I am a vendor this yr and will only have christmas related things to sell...we ll see how that goes..I miss the Christkindlmarket and the flair of it and the smell and EVERYTHING 

MissThe80s --- 6 years ago -

No flipping Kinder Gluhwein?! You are charging $3 for an adult beverage at a children's event and have no Kinder Gluhwein?!

Don't drink and drive; don't drink and drive... Here, we just built you a new class six. Here, drink alcoholic beverages whilst still in the AM at a children's event. Don't drink and drive; don't drink and drive... o_0 

MissAttitude --- 6 years ago -

I never knew AAFES and USA discounters were part of a traditional German Christmas market 

~*Kandice*~ --- 6 years ago -

How many hairbows and tutu's were there this year haha! I went last year and that is all it was. 

Are we done yet --- 6 years ago -

I can't wait to go to the markets here in germany!!! We were going to go this weekend but hubby got stuck on staff duty Friday so our weekend plans got shot. But we plan to go next weekend 

tmmundy2 --- 6 years ago -

I loved germany. I miss it. But i had to get outta there. I was eating my weight in ice cream. 

D Ann --- 6 years ago -

@~*Kandice*~They had like 2 or three booths with hairbows and tutu's. I didn't make it last year so I'm not sure how many was there in 2011. I enjoyed the market this year! 

tmmundy2 --- 6 years ago -

Whats the deal with tutus are they back in style. The 80s live again. Yeah baby. I ,an start wearing the fan in my hair. BIG SMILE...SCRATCHING MY HEAD, Now what did i do with my sparkle glove...... 

DollLikeDeceptions --- 6 years ago -

I was excited to go too and was really dissapointed at the lack of organization. It was crazy and after watching the second fight between a husband and his wife I was over it and left! 

DollLikeDeceptions --- 6 years ago -

Oh, I did get tickets to the historic house tour, wasn't too happy at how expensive they were at first but once we started the tour I think it was worth it...I've always wondered what those houses looked like and they were all decorated so pretty! 

tmmundy2 --- 6 years ago -

Was this event here on riley? Man i didnt even hear about it. Are they doing anymore holiday craft fairs? 

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