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Thank You for top posting you highchair.....

who's talking here?

notsue 1
Garbage Vulture 1
LovMySoldier 1

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Garbage Vulture --- 6 years ago -

every 14 minutes. Some of us are too stupid to search for items and you selling that highchair is more important than anyone else who wants to sell anything. You make me wish we could cuss on here.... 

LovMySoldier --- 6 years ago -

LOL ... Don't ya love it when people think their item is more important than anyone else's. Makes me wonder if they sit there at their computer watching RYS and be like oh crap! my item is off the front page time to re list it 

notsue --- 6 years ago -

Yeah, its either they dont understand that even tho its not on the front page its not gone, or they dont see the post right away and post it again... Either way failure. 

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