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Money Orders

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DollLikeDeceptions --- 7 years ago -

Does anyone know where the cheapest place is to get a money order? Maybe I'm crazy but I remember getting money orders for $1.00....I almost fell over when sunflower bank told me it was like $7.00 per money order when I walked in and needed 7! 

Mandi --- 7 years ago -

dillons in junction city or walmart is the cheapest that i've found. if memory serves me right, they're under a dollar at those two places. 

DollLikeDeceptions --- 7 years ago -

thanks...I just looked up the post office and it said money orders issued on military bases are $.30!
Just another reason I HATE SUNFLOWER BANK! UGH! Lol 

notsue --- 7 years ago -

I always thought the post office was cheap... if I cannot make it there I get them from Walmart. Anywhere else that doesnt offer them for free usually charges too much. 

proud wife of a retiree --- 7 years ago -

Whoa!!! That is crazy!!! 7 dollars for a money order??? Nuts I tell ya! 

notsue --- 7 years ago -

Heres the price page for money orders from the post office... 

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