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Historic Main Post Housing

who's talking here?

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NBaker0808 --- 8 years ago -

we are on the list to move in this June, just wanted to know if anyone lives there and what they think. Not even quiet sure where exactly it is on main post. Are they more like houses or apartments? Thank you for any help you can provide. 

Misanthropist --- 8 years ago -

Main post is beautiful. The housing units are native limestone. It depends on your rank and dependent(s) number(s). I want to say there are two bedrooms for enlisted that are like brownstones for lack of a better description. The really nice homes are for the officers. Check out to view some info; also, check youtube, some folks put up video footage of their units. 

Misanthropist --- 8 years ago -

Riley Main Post Housing 

a3786103uu --- 8 years ago -

Nbaker it all depends on the number of bedrooms and your rank. There are small apartments and huge homes down there. Our friend is a w1 and lives in a 2 bedroom that is only 900 sqft. 

JPaint21 --- 8 years ago -

Yeah I can vouch for that. DH is W1 and I looked at the housing available to us (only 1 child) and it was TINY! So not all officers get the nice house, lol!

Most of the nice ones down the say COL or LTC or GEN on them... 

NBaker0808 --- 8 years ago -

My husband is only a e-4 and we have one son, but he might become e-4 before June. 

NBaker0808 --- 8 years ago -

Misanthropist, that link really helped. Thank you. 

Misanthropist --- 8 years ago -

Oh, you're welcome.

I'm laughing because I thought I wrote higher ranking officers, but my fingers didn't type the thought process. Thanks, JP. You'll see all the higher ranking officers' company (?) flags displayed in front of their homes. c: 

a3786103uu --- 8 years ago -

Nbaker how do you know you will be getting a house on hsitoric main post in june? Im just curious 

daycare mommy --- 8 years ago -

If your hubby is E4 you will get the housing we moved out of in October. It is nice. They say they are 2 bedroom homes but they are technically 3 the 3rd bedroom is on the smaller side and the closet for it is little. My only complaint is that there is only one bathroom. They are townhouse style. Do you have the exact address yet? 

*kiowamechanicswifey* --- 8 years ago -

I live in a 2 bedroom on main post and love it our neighborhood is on a one way street is extremley quit and friendly. We have no children but the house is 2 bedroom 2 and a half bath we have a sunroom dining room kitchen living room and basement. Its built like a townhouse and only we only share one wall with a neighbor but since the wall is concrete its like they arnt even there. my husband is e-4 also. 

NBaker0808 --- 8 years ago -

a3786103uu I have been on the waiting list for a year now, I told them my lease ends in June and they will have a house prepared for then. When they asked me if I wanted up on the hill or historic main post I said main post because my husband works at the air field.

That is good to know about the housing daycare mommy and kiowamechanicswifey, I just want something that is quiet. I am sick and tired of neighbors being noisy all the time. 

MEEEEE --- 7 years ago -

Which building do you live in? We lived there until Piecerne came up with their "genius" idea to ruin/remodel... not before they forced us out and into the sh*^ house.... broken fans and cracked foundations! 

tmmundy2 --- 7 years ago -

I think the historical homes are cute...i could do so much with one..the lower enlisted historical area those r ok..u can do a lotvon the outside if u use ur imaganation. 

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