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JCHS Parents: The JCHS Dress Code

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Tee C --- 9 years ago -

I know this will be a long post because I'm going to vent, so I apologize in advance.

For anyone that has a child at Junction City High School: as a parent, I've noticed a disturbing trend lately at the school--provocative and/or inappropriate dress. That goes for the young ladies and the young men, but mostly the young ladies.

The first day of school (as I dropped off our daughter), a young lady walked in front of my car wearing a flowered dress. To say the dress was short would be a gross understatement. It--quite literally--grazed the bottom of her backside. Every time she took a step, a breeze fluttered it and her underpants were exposed. The front of the dress was also very low-cut. There were also some other young ladies out and about wearing shorty-shorts--I mean they looked like underpants. But, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt because it was the first day of school. Surely, a teacher or administrator would step in, enforce the dress code and send them home, and that would set a precedent for other students to eventually realize they couldn't continue to dress that way, right?


It is now week 2 of school, and I still see miniskirts, low-cut tops, skin-tight jeans, snug leggings with shirts that don't cover the lower body, and young men wearing muscle shirts and sagging pants. As a parent, I am appalled; as a former educator, I am disgusted.

JCHS does have a dress code; I know they do because I have read every word. All the things I have personally viewed are in direct violation of that written policy. So where is the enforcement?

I asked my daughter last night while cooking dinner if she had seen anyone sent home for inappropriate dress. She said yes, but only one girl for wearing shorty-shorts. But, she said she believed the girl was only sent home becuase her actual derriere was hanging out of the shorts; she said there were other girls in class with similar shorts on, it's just that their behinds weren't exposed.

It may seem like I'm being a prude, but dress codes are in place for a reason. These are teenagers; their bodies are still growing, many of their hormones are raging, and it is a terrible distraction for a young man who is still wondering what is going on with his body to concentrate in class when the girl sitting next to him in half-naked. It also creates a liability issue for the school; if a young man decides to inappropriately touch one of the young ladies dressed that way, a lot of "blaming the victim" surfaces. "Well, why was she dressed that way in the first place? Why did the school allow her to walk around in that attire without enforcing the dress code?"

I went to pick up our daughter for a dental appointment at the end of the school year last year; in her Academy's office, a video was playing about what the student could and could not wear to Prom. They even had examples in the form of a fashion show: no sleeveless dresses, no tight dresses, no short dresses, no exposed backs, etc; so how can they put their feet down on Prom night and allow attire worthy of a stripper pole at other times.

I think I may contact the principal with my concerns...I am just not sure if I will yet. But it really is disturbing, and it bothers me more than I can explain. 

notsue --- 9 years ago -

You wanna know what bothers me the most about this crap? The parents/students will use the heat as an excuse. I'm sorry, but if your skirt was 6 inches longer, you arent gonna die of a heat stroke. People need to stop dressing like trash. 

proud wife of a retiree --- 9 years ago -

The first line of the dress code says it all.... A student's personal appearance is the responsibility of the student and his/her parents; but becomes the responsibility of JCHS when it disrupts learning... yes, we do stop students and make them call home for different clothes.. however, with 1400 students, I am sure some get missed... so on any given day, you are likely to find someone that slips between the my question is.. why are they being let out of the house dressed in something that they will get sent home for? 

notsue --- 9 years ago -

I'm gonna go ahead and assume that they dont see their parents in the morning before they leave. Because if they did, and their parents just dont care, well they suck. :) 

proud wife of a retiree --- 9 years ago -

It honestly is an ongoing battle!!! 

Tee C --- 9 years ago -

My first thought is 1) Why are the parents allowing their children to purchase clothing like this and 2) Even if they did sneak and purchase it with their own money, how did they get out of the house dressed in that manner? I do understand that with older children, working parents may not see them off to school (so they may not be aware of how they're dressed), but there has to be a medium somewhere.

All the miniskirts, sagging pants and cleavage-baring tops must pass a teacher at some point in the school day. If any young lady had come in my class wearing the sort of dress I saw the first day of school (and just this morning), she would have been sent to the office immediately and not allowed to return until she had on appropriate attire. So the administrators may not be able to catch everyone, but with the dozens of shorty-shorts I saw just this morning, some teacher had to see it.

It's just frustrating. We owe our youth better than to allow them to make such detrimental decisions. Honestly? If the young lady in the floral dress was sent home and she had to walk, I would be afraid to have her walk outdoors in that manner for fear she'd be accosted by a bad element. But that's the kind of attention dressing like that attracts. After all, what do we send our children to school to do: learn or get on a pole? 

Tee C --- 9 years ago -

Oh, and I remember that in high school, many girls would wear long pants to school, then when they got there they would put on the miniskirt they had hidden in their bookbag. So I know that not all parents can watch their children all day. But the girls that did sneak it in didn't get to wear it long because a teacher would catch them in class and send them straight to the office. 

Hope (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

its hard to reinforce at home when i got teens asking for items and i tell them its not policy and they tell me there are kids at school wearing it all the time its not helping those parents who are doing right when the other parents/school lets this slide and its sending a message that the rules dont apply 

a3386535uu --- 9 years ago -

FRMS won't let them wear a shirt if the bra strap can be seen in the back. They are sure to catch that but it's okay for cleavage and shorty shorts. 

Tee C --- 9 years ago -

its hard to reinforce at home when i got teens asking for items and i tell them its not policy and they tell me there are kids at school wearing it all the time its not helping those parents who are doing right when the other parents/school lets this slide and its sending a message that the rules dont apply

You're right. It really does send a mixed message.

You know what got me? My daughter told me a young man in her class was sent home to change because he had on a t-shirt with a picture of a crown. A crown. Apparently it was considered "gang related and potentially provocative". Really? But a young lady with her actual derriere hanging out in front of young men going through puberty isn't? If that's so then 

proud wife of a retiree --- 9 years ago -

Oh I agree... even if they are missed in the halls, they have 1st hour teachers.. they have shown up in our office later in the day and we are like, what the heck? How did she get through this far in the day and no one said anything to her... so we do...
Even if the parent is not up, or possibly off to work already, your student should know what is expected.. and dress accordingly... I know its tough.. I raised two boys too..and thank goodness I didnt have to worry about sagging because they thought it was stupid... but even when it looked like my niece was going to be coming to live with us, I told her that the shorts she had on at that time would not be worn here... and I meant it.. I was not about to let my niece run around in shorty shorts with half her a** showing... really not showing but you get my meaning... they were way to short in my I am typing this now, over the radio is a monitor sending two students to the office for dress code violation...make that three.. but here it is 12:52pm and someone just now saw them??? Maybe all 1st hour teachers should make everyone stand up and do a clothes check!!! :) 

UGrewInMyHeart --- 9 years ago -

I agree with the clothes check! LOL That way one student can't be like "look at her and her and blahblah" ya know so they cant act like they were singled out. 

Tee C --- 9 years ago -

proud wife of a retiree, you are so right on, lol. Wouldn't it be funny if some of the teachers actually made the students stand up so they could see what they are wearing, lol? I could sooo see Mr. Taylor do this. He is one my daughter's favorite teachers and I adore him because he doesn't cut the kids any slack; he treats them like young adults and he expects them to act like young adults. As a matter of fact, for any functions where the band goes swimming, everyone (the boys and girls) are required to wear long t-shirts over their bathing suits. Right on, Mr. Taylor. 

ostera15 --- 9 years ago -

If we are going to point fingers (no I'm not complaining, just a figure of speech) then perhaps you should try shopping with a preteen girl. Her choices are not the issue, the clothing available is. We don't have the budget to shop at high end stores, but Walmart, Target, Sears, ect, they all seem to cater to the young and trashy. It takes us for ever to find clothes that fit without being revealing on her and she is still wearing a large in girls, we haven't even moved on to juniors, which I am dreading. 

notsue --- 9 years ago -

In the past, when I havent been happy with the selection of current clothing, we've gone to the uniform section. Eventho the majority of clothing is crap, you can still find the traditional basics hidden amongst the junk... and if you start young, you wont have a child who demands crap when you go. 

proud wife of a retiree --- 9 years ago -

I would love to see 1st hour teachers do that.. then maybe the kids would take is seriously... and yes, Mr. Taylor is awesome... and the kids in his class are always well behaved when they are at school functions... not to mention the band is awesome!!!! :) Maybe Mr. Taylor could stand at the door in the mornings and be like you can come in... and then to the ones who dont have on appropriate clothes.. young lady or young man.. go home and change.. then come back!! :) He could totally pull it off! If only there were like 3 of him so he could stand at every open door! 

Jazmine --- 9 years ago -

but Walmart, Target, Sears, ect, they all seem to cater to the young and trashy.

Haha that's funny! 

Rich and Mia --- 9 years ago -

Clothes options for young ladies (and boys):

L.L. Bean and Land's End: both are quality clothing and apparel stores; available for online and catalog shopping. Their clearance section saves you up to seventy percent any given season. Bonus, if your child is bigger than say the typical 10 or 12 year old (just an example age group), they have 10+, 12+, etc., for perfect fittings. 

kris --- 9 years ago -

I love this post :) I will say as a driver I have told students at the stops I have that if they are wearing inapproperate clothing that it will be noted , I have had officals meet me at the school to address some students to try and help. And the boys on my bus know if you are sagging I will tell you to pull them up. I have only had to say it to a few students, then it stopped at least on my route. I have sons and don't let them get away with it either lol. I told the kids on the first day, the only crack I need to see is the sun on the horizone, ladies the only curves are those in the road lol. They know I mean to keep problems to a minimal so I can drive with out worries. I also seperate my girls and boys so that no touching or feeling is hidden in the run. They have less temptations now and we all get to the schools with no issues. Got to love bussng :) 

proud wife of a retiree --- 9 years ago -

I just had to tell a student to take off his lanyard... it said shut the F*** up... I told him that is not something that needs to be worn in school... he was very polite and put it in his pocket... said he was sorry.. so maybe next time he wont have it on in school... 

proud wife of a retiree --- 9 years ago -

Kris.. that is a good idea seperating the girls from the boys.. at the hs age, they can be very touchy feely! 

Tee C --- 9 years ago -

Kris.. that is a good idea seperating the girls from the boys.. at the hs age, they can be very touchy feely!

I agree that it's a great idea. If you want to see a "love-fest", hang around outside JCHS in the mornings and watch the young people hugging, smooching, and playing graba**. And yes, the ones I saw this morning had on shorty-shorts, lol.

I know that people raise their children differently (as is their right as long as it isn't illegal), but I just don't agree with a couple of 15-year-olds holding hands and tongue-kissing, public or otherwise. Those of us who have been married since Burger King was a prince keep a certain sense of decorum. 

Megan --- 9 years ago -

It takes us for ever to find clothes that fit without being revealing on her and she is still wearing a large in girls, we haven't even moved on to juniors, which I am dreading

I have younger children, ages 3 and 6. My oldest is a girl and I have noticed that once she got out of the "toddler" section and into the "youth" girl section the change in clothing is huge! I do have to agree that the choices in clothing are very limited especially at target and other deparment stores. I bought a few tank tops/camis for my daughter from target a few months ago and when I got home I noticed it had a built in bra! On a top sized XS (4-5)! 

Rich and Mia --- 9 years ago -

For that younger age group, Megan, I absolutely say L.L. Bean and Land's End e-catalogs and mailed catalogs; awesome savings via sales and clearance. Also great for the little ones, if you're into it, Disney Outlet store online. Even Ralph Lauren on-line has some huge sales and clearance throughout the year :) 

YeahRight --- 9 years ago -

My daughter told me going to band is much better now that they filled up the make-out corner by the band room doors. I can honestly say I have never been a fan of PDA that goes beyond a nice peck or hand holding (for any age), but that is just me. 

Are we done yet --- 9 years ago -

noticed it had a built in bra! On a top sized XS (4-5)!

I ran across that too when i was looking for summer cloths back in may for my daughter. i was at target and i called up my friend i was like what fricken little girls shirt needs a built in bra? She goes is it a bigger size i go no its a xs(4-5) and she was in just as much shock as i was. 

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