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Clay Center Community Middle and High Schools

who's talking here?

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Rich and Mia --- 9 years ago -

Not familiar with the area or schools. Any opinions; reviews? Compare to Chapman or Abilene; not interested in JC schools.

Thanks :) 

Allie1997 --- 9 years ago -

I don't know about their MS or HS but the elementary is horrible! They are so far behind. My daughter started midway thru 1st grade and she was doing work that I taught her before preK and in preK... it was pathetic but that's JMO. 

Rich and Mia --- 9 years ago -

I thought they had award winning schools. What about the town itself? 

Allie1997 --- 9 years ago -

LMAO, sorry couldn't help it. The town itself is REAL small so unless you grew up in a town like that, it's a HUGE adjustment. I couldn't take it after a month, we HAD to move... we went to JC but this is still too small from me. Sorry, wish I could be more positive but I wish someone had warned me about Clay Center. 

Megan --- 9 years ago -

I'm not a fan of Clay Center myself. It is too far away from everything! As for the schools, I've heard neither good or bad. 

Angie33 --- 9 years ago -

We live here but are getting ready to PCS soon! We have lived here for a little over 5 years and, yes, it does take getting use to the small town environment. The schools here are great! My 7 year old was in the gifted program at Lincoln Elementary and she absolutely loved it! She has learned alot here! My oldest has went to Garfield and CCCMS and she has done great at both schools! The one thing I will rave about here is the school system, they really seem to go above and beyond to help your child, at least that's they way that I have felt with the attention that my two have received over the years here. 

Allie1997 --- 9 years ago -

I am sorry but I have to completely disagree with Angie. I don't think the schools here go above and beyond at all. My daughter loved, LOVED school until we PCSed here. Everyday was a struggle to get her to go. She was way above the rest of the kids in her class and it was very obvious. They put her on an IEP and the gifted program which was NOT the answer being as she did most of her "classwork" on her own being as she was not doing the work the rest of her class was doing. The teachers, gifted program teacher, principal refused to move her up a grade so I pulled her out. I had her tested with a curriculum and she tested a grade higher in everything, but she was grade level for math. As stressfull as homeschooling is, I will not ever put her back in a school that is below her.
Sorry if I come on a bit strong but I am very passionate about my children's education and am their only advocate. 

Rich and Mia --- 9 years ago -

Okay :)

...what about homes and the area within walking distance to Abilene Middle and High Schools? 

ostera15 --- 9 years ago -

Depending on how far you want you kids to walk that's a big area. We have lived in Abilene for about 6 months now and haven found any areas to avoid, but there are rundown houses/neighborhoods scattered here and there. The high school is on the corner of 14th and Cedar and the middle school is right next to it on 14th.
This is the website for the realtor we used, but if you choose the search for homes option you can look for houses that are not her companies listings too. 

Rich and Mia --- 9 years ago -

Thanks, Ostera :)

That is the real estate company we are looking to meet with when we get in from Germany next week. I am interested in Cedar. I really want to be within a block or two (close walking distance) of the middle and high schools. Is that area "rundown"?

We lived on Fort Riley four years ago; the school system there was less than desirable, so we don't mind the drive to work. 

ostera15 --- 9 years ago -

Cedar is good, there a a few house I consider rundown, but very few. Is there a reason why you object to your children riding the bus? Just asking as that would give you a wider range of options. I have a daughter in middle school and a son in high school, they both ride the bus (its only been a week) and they have no complaints. And Shelly and Becky are great! Really helpful, Becky does have scatterbrain moments every now and then, so make sure to remind her! ;) 

ostera15 --- 9 years ago -

If you decide to expand beyond the area of the high school, there were a few still listed that we looked at and I can give you some input about then if you like. We choose to live over by the park/pool rather than the school, gives the kids easy access to stuff in the summer. 

Rich and Mia --- 9 years ago -

Convenience, overprotectiveness, you name it :)

I like to keep a close eye on the kids, especially in that age group. Plus, I've grown accustomed to living walking distance to their schools; I volunteer a lot and just prefer it that way :0) 

ostera15 --- 9 years ago -

Well there was one on Elm listed that is 4 blocks from the school that may be in your range. I would suggest (and you probably already know) that you drive around and scout out the exact sections where the house you are interested in are. It's really hit and miss with most streets. If you need anything when you get here let me know! 

Rich and Mia --- 9 years ago -

Yep, I've done this at least seven times in our fifteen years with the military. LOL. Thanks for all the help :) 

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