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before/after school

who's talking here?

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gr8gatsby --- 6 years ago -

School Age Services is full of kindergarteners. What else can I do for before/after school programs? Any ideas? 

christina --- 6 years ago -

Try an FCC home.? 

little --- 6 years ago -

Boys & girls club? Or is that not an option on post? 

MaMi2oNe --- 6 years ago -

School Age Services is full of kindergarteners.

Are you saying there are too many Kindergartners there or is SAS actually FULL and not taking any more kids? 

19Dwifey --- 6 years ago -

I think she is saying there are alot of Kinders there... ive never heard of SAS being FULL and not taking kids. They need to have that available for soldiers with school age kids just like the CDC's will always be available for younger kiddos. Of course when there is a waitlist for CDC's, you can use FCC. 

MaMi2oNe --- 6 years ago -

Can you pay for SAS online and if so where? Do I need to have an account number or anything? My child us just starting and should alredy be in their system. He has CDC/SAS transition this week and not sure if I am supposed to pay yet for SAS. 

19Dwifey --- 6 years ago -

I think you can pay online the same place you can pay for CDC fees. I dont do it online, so I cant tell you what the website is. I think its called Webtrack? Not positive though. I would call Parent Central. They will be able to tell you everything. I basically know nothing lol, sorry. 

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