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where can i

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CraftyMama --- 9 years ago -

Get a copy of my house key made? 

Are we done yet --- 9 years ago -

if you live on post you cant get them copied its prohibited. But if you live off post you can go to walmart or true value 

CraftyMama --- 9 years ago -

Housing told us we were able to but it had to be at a certain place and I don't remember where they said 

Are we done yet --- 9 years ago -

hmm weird because my keys both said copy right prohibited when i lived on post. same with my friends but she took it to walamrt and they made her a key even tho it said prohibited on it. And my other friend who lives in a 8 plex hers doesnt say prohibited on it. I have always been told you are issued 2 keys and you are not allowed to make copies. Might have to call housing and ask where to go. 

Amber --- 9 years ago -

True neighbor went there...Walmart doest have the type of key post housing needs. 

Are we done yet --- 9 years ago -

To me it doesnt even make since that the keys say copy prohibited becuase they change out the locks on the finnal inspction day when someone moves out. They brought a new door lock with them when they did my finnal inspection before i moved off post and changed it right then and their whiel the other 2 people went and did the inspection in the house. 

lovelylady --- 9 years ago -

Walmart does them & just dont say you live on it matters lol they change the locks anyway lol 

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