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Really Frustrated right now

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CraftyMama --- 9 years ago -

so hubby was told his packet for our compassionate reassignment was approved (the report date is sept 10th to fort lewis). They said they would get it put through teh system or w/e it has to go through to get order printed for him (they do orders on tuesdays i guess so they have until the monday before to get orders printed that tuesday well he was told on monday last week taht they would put them in and it should be through in time if everything was straigtened out so we wait till friday to call because he still hadnt gotten his orders and THEY WERE STILL SITTNIG ON THE DESK NO ONE EVER TOUCHED THEM. So the person said they would get on it well my hubby was told yesterday that some of the paper work (not from him or anything he had to do but like hrc or branch) was messed up so it didnt go through adn he needed to get it fixed but the person wasnt going to be in office today because of meetings

I am just so sick and tired of this base and people (not everyone) not doing their jobs... our son has a serious health problem and was born with it and his unit was giving him problems about it, and they have pushed his packet back COUNTLESS times because people dont know how to do their damn jobs properly or are to damn lazy to do it! i mean seriously come onn if your going to apply or sign up for a job DO IT.

i am just lost as what to do im frustrated with everything going on. and people keep screwing crap up like its a huge game.. im sorry but my sons health IS NOT a freaking thing to play with and all this crap going on stresses him out like no other and hes 7 months its not healthy for a baby to stress let alone one who has a condition taht dosent allow his body to create the hormone that helps them
cope with stress!!!!!!

i just want to scream! We are trying our best to help our son have the healthiest life he can and people are screwing around beause they are to damn lazy!

sorry just needed to vent before i exploded on someone because then teh mps probably would have been called. 

overit --- 9 years ago -

Take a deep breath. Trying to get out of Riley on a compassion reassignment is a pain. You have to stand over them to get it done. We ran into the same issues. If you cant get anywhere with standing over them go up to IG. Sometimes thats what it takes.Call EFMP. She can help it go faster too. Just explain what they said and that you arnt getting anywhere. She helped us out a ton. Your sons health is extremely important. I know how frustrating it is to have something wrong and need it done fast but not have anyone understand. If you need to talk Im here 

trina818 --- 9 years ago -

i agree with overit, I work in S1, if you need phone numbers or a better understanding of who to contact, let me know 

Tee C --- 9 years ago -

Sometimes, certain circumstances within a unit S1 can hold up operations (lack of training, differing priorities, etc), so you have to get someone outside of the unit to step in and get oversight to get things done.

There was someone on here that had problems with her husband's travel pay for Drill School; he wasn't getting paid and it was something very simple in DTS, but the unit's excuse was that a certain person who did DTS was "out". That's unacceptable; she kept getting that same answer from the unit (even though her husband wasn't getting any money for his lodging while there), so she literally had to call the Brigade CSM to find out what was going on. After that happened, the person who was out magically showed up to approve the travel. So try to stay calm and get someone else in the chain involved. The unit is only going to try and drop the ball on things they think they can keep under the radar. Once the right person finds out, they will get things rolling.

God bless you and keep you, and hang on. Good things are ahead; I--personally--think Fort Lewis has the best special needs facilities and EFMP in the entire Army, so there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

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