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i dont understand

who's talking here?

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austinsmom08 --- 7 years ago -

Ok since hubbys alarm woke me and now the storm is keeping me up figured id post :) so I have been on and few others for jobs I have a part time job at local gas station that is no more than 20hrs so I have been looking for a 2nd job and I have filled out 40plus apps and submitted resumes with each online to all jobs I knew I qualified for and I'm not getting any calls UGH hubby gets out of army aug 19th sooo that lovely check that pays all bills n then some is going to be gone! I know I'm obviously not going to make what he did no matter how many jobs I have unless I have a super awesome degree but that's ok. Anyways anyone know of places in MANHATTAN that are hiring??? I don't live on post or jc actually in opposite direction past wamego so if anyone has ANY leads for anything in manhattan please let me know :) 

Stacey --- 7 years ago -

What kind of job are you looking for? The local paper hasnjobs listed online ( manhattan mevury) and kstate has a job portal site. 

austinsmom08 --- 7 years ago -

At this point anything lol 

Stacey --- 7 years ago -

Walmart and Target both hire from their website, also JCPenney is hiring in Manhattan. 

Corgan66 --- 7 years ago - 

susanp68 --- 7 years ago -


Gemini09 --- 7 years ago -

Have you tried the MWR? They gives classes and such plus they will e-mail job openings all over the area. They will give a lot of websites to look at. If you go the the workforce places in JC and Manhattan they have job listings exclusive to them. 

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