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Anyone work at home?

who's talking here?

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CraftyMama --- 11 years ago -

Im not talking about consultants or things like that.. Im talking about a legit work at home place.. I have 2 little ones i sit at home with and it gets boring when they are off playing together and i dont have much to do. So ive been trying to find a place i could work from home like on the computer or something but i am really skeptical of a lot of work at home things since there are so many scams out there with it... 

kayla --- 11 years ago -

Have you thought about opening up a daycare. You could become a registered in home provider and it's not much paperwork or extra work if you choose to just be registered. Then you can still be @ home with your girls and they can have little ones to play with. 

CraftyMama --- 11 years ago -

I have had way to many problems with the children i have watched before.. and i live on post so i would have to do the FCC and i will not do that just from hearing/seeing what some of my friends who have done it go through... Another reason i cant/wont do it is because with my health problems I have Dr's appointments that i HAVE to go to and watching other kids would not allow me to do that. 

josie --- 11 years ago -

Mommyof2- You can contact Cheryl in the FCC office and see if they would be willing to let you be a sub. The subs cover for the fulltime FCC providers in the FCC home. It depends on the needs of the FCC program, but if the home has room, you can take your own children with you. Just an idea. Otherwise, I have no idea what you can do from home, i've looked into it myself and find alot of fake jobs. Good luck! 

gr8gatsby --- 11 years ago -

I am actually a copywriter and editor of four years, and I do some magazine work on the side. I enjoy it and am probably going to start teaching a couple classes soon through the SKIES program, etc. here on base. Just like entrepreneurship/business marketing and another on specifically what I do (how to get started writing, how to blog, whatever). It's great and lucrative, but takes dedication. At times the writing is also boring but it pays the bills. :) Most of what I currently do involves corporate newsletters and press releases, some social media mktng. 

susimaru --- 7 years ago -

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