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so does anyone know if sunflower fence is legit?

who's talking here?

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I love Minnesota --- 11 years ago -

i called them a told them to come get the fence. so they are comeing on the 16 to take it. id rather walk my dog out a lesh than pay them 30 bucks a month 

chefjennifer --- 11 years ago -

Why are you paying $30? I pay 23.46 if I pay beore the 5th.Its 25.01 after.Its also the cheapest fence here now. others are over $35-40 

~*Kandice*~ --- 11 years ago -

We're going to be paying 35 with one accord...our bill was 36 with bella/sunflower....Bella was cheaper than the rest when we first got out here but not now. Not that i'm going for a bargain anymore...I'd rather have one accord. 

daisypetals2000 --- 11 years ago -

i am also having mine removed. I just want the stress of it gone. I am going with One Accord and it is only $25/mo in forsyth. The man was really nice and willing to install my new fence the same day they remove my old one. I opted for him to install the next day as I am not sure what time of the day Sunflower will be here to get the old one. 

BadLuckMommy --- 11 years ago -

I paid simply because I did not want my account going to collections. I dont have time to hav another fence company come out and me wait 3-4 weeks for a new fence not to mention the deposit. I pay, I know I dont own the fence, so I have no problem paying for it. I dont think what they did was right by any means, and no I havent signed a new contract nor will I. I will pay my bill until we PCS and then be done with them. 

joyce --- 11 years ago -

Well, the buggers came and took my fence yesterday. At least they knocked on the door and told me what they were doing. But now after reading this I am ticked off! There is no way in hell I am going to pay these people a freaking dime! Wishing I would have read this earlier about calling the MPS and the police. One is my other half of the house. Damn. 

Blondie --- 11 years ago -

This is exactly why we plan on purchasing our own fence and installing it ourselves even though we live on-post. We'll save a lot of money and our fence will belong to us. 

❤Married2aFox❤ --- 11 years ago -

I tried calling 4 times last week to that "Sunflower" number for them to come take out my fence so I can get a diff company to put one in and they are avoiding my calls...

Bella/Sunflower ppl if you are reading this thread - come take my dang fence so I can be done with you!!! 

susimaru --- 7 years ago -

Hi here i guide you with some tips to check that whether the site which you found online is legit or spam one .They are ..1.Call, write, or email the website using the contact information provided on their website to check for legitimacy. 2.Visit the Whois website like to do whois search for that website "" and to verify if the information provided matches up with the information on the company's website 3.Look at content and photos on the website to make sure they are original and related to the company's products and services. 4.Look at the website address in the address bar of your Internet browser to verify that the website or links you have clicked on did not redirect you elsewhere. 5.Read through the website's terms and conditions before doing business with them to check for understanding and to verify the terms and conditions make sense. 6.Verify that the website's checkout or payment page is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) secured to protect your credit card number and other personal information you enter. 7.Type the company's name into a major search engine to see if they appear in search results and to see if they are mentioned anywhere else on the Internet. If all the above details provide satisfied results for you then proceed.Else dont waste your time and money with them better keep them away. 

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