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I joined this crazy place on 2010-02-26, 9 years ago.

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Who owns RUG? - 9 years ago

Lol - there is a lot to say about german girls- no offense- I am one and I know how blunt and tough we get- down and dirty! Tell a german girl how you feel about her- she laughs it off - say somethin...

Anyway - 9 years ago

The thing is- the ones like her that really need the help- won't admit or own up to and deny even having a problem- therefore they then in return suggest all this to the one's not needing it! I thin...

Who owns RUG? - 9 years ago

I acted like that when I was about 13 /14! You know, Junior High- you tried to find your way throughout being a weird quirky Teen- Hormones are kicking sky want to belong- you make sad sacr...

I have kittens - 9 years ago

@Mommyto4- no need to! YOU are doing the right thing - she ( alter ego Christa ) is just trying to start crap! Nothing new! And really- she should not throw with stones- since she will have wh...

I have kittens - 9 years ago

I think asking for Donations ( by the way- exactly that is what they are- freely given away with the intend to voluntary help and being aware of it- no hidden agendas like you Christa!!!) to fix a cat...

Who owns RUG? - 9 years ago

Owners Name is Bookoo and last name Dotcom! He lives out of state! Write him an email! Good luck! And why does he own it? Hm- I assume copyright laws! LOl....I could not help myself! No...

Who owns RUG? - 9 years ago

Well - good -that means she has some control left! And....poor Kristle! I feel for you- heck I feel for anyone that has met her in person- that day when she went on and on with the Nazi insults and c...

Just for you Christa Boo! - 9 years ago

I heard that song yesterday after a long time again- what a coincidence! Lol- I honestly thought that it was Ashton Kutcher singing it at first! That song is funny , weird and so true!

Who owns RUG? - 9 years ago

Creepy! Woah! You have to wonder- where is all this weirdness of one Person coming from? One more reason to be all paranoid! Imagine- being her neighbor? Looooooooooooooooooooooool! Not one Momen...

Introduce yourselves! - 9 years ago

You too ;D @Shay Wie gehts? Ich sehe- es hat sich rein gar nichts mit der Tuss veraendert- oder doch- jetzt kackt se wirklich ab- wird immer schlimmer! Translation: (I feel weird convers...

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