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I joined this crazy place on 2009-04-24, 10 years ago.

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What's for Dinner? - 8 years ago

If I remember right this is a great nonmayo receipe. Spiral macaroni, large sweet onion, and large cucumber. Slice the onion and cucumbers thin. Then make a sauce of one cup oil, one cup sugar, and on...

tattoos and piercings... - 8 years ago

Six tatoos. One on each breast, one on the left back shoulder blade, one on the outside of the right ankle and two on the left ankle. The two flowers are my boys and the butterflies that I added later...

husband denied medical extention to complete med board - 8 years ago

Your congressman(woman) can act within days to stop or correct a problem. I had a military friend sent to Iraq with a profile that said that she couldn't run, she walked with a cane. I told her one da...

tired... - 8 years ago

In a sense the father is abusing the son by not leading/forcing him to take on responsibilities. This young man has no change of becoming an accountable adult. He will never learn to do for himself an...

How formal? - 8 years ago

if semi-formal is anything not floor length, then calf length, below the knee, at the knee, slightly above the knee would all be acceptable form of dress. If you were a small size formal, we still hav...

Tattoo - 8 years ago

I have several done over the years at Fine Lines both in JC and in Manhattan. As a frequent shopper, my owner always placed me with who she thought was the best and then cut me deals on the cost. The ...

Cracked windshield - 8 years ago

There are windshield shops in Wichita that replaced my windshield for $125 or $150. I can't remember the name but maybe googling it would work. It's worth the drive especially if you don't have insur...

Is it weird... - 8 years ago

I bought new underwear, they still had tags and they were stiff new fabric feeling. Her husband bought them for her but there were a few sizes too small. Saved me alot of money as they were Victoria ...

Things you are looking for - 8 years ago

Does anyone have a nu-way oven, convention oven, has a lot of different names but its a self-contained cooking unit usually advertised on television. I have an older model that the bearings sound like...

lookng for volunteers/bakers - 8 years ago

If you sell during the post wide sales, price your items reasonably. I see cooked/baked items at the sales all the time but they are too expensive. I also look for things to eat that aren't too messy....

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