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I joined this crazy place on 2012-04-25, 9 years ago.

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Post wide yard sales - 7 years ago

Saturday, September 27.

I need ft riely transportation office number , anyone please ? - 7 years ago

^What is up with this person continually answering questions that are from years ago? These people most likely don't even live here anymore, and have definitely found the number by now.

Farmers' Markets - 7 years ago

We visited one in Manhattan already, and I think Junction City starts in May, so almost!

Special needs? - 7 years ago

They do this at an AMC theater back home and it's great! I was hesitant when I heard about it, but I definitely recommend trying it!

Stolen Garage Door Opener - 7 years ago

Oh, and when I called the neighborhood office emergency maintenance number to have someone let me in my house (the garage door opener was how we locked up) they put in an order for a new opener. I ca...

Stolen Garage Door Opener - 7 years ago

[i]Did he just throw it in and ride away? Did you say anything to him? [/i] I was on the phone with a friend back home telling her about this nonsense when I saw him ride up to my mailbox, so I wal...

Bountiful Baskets food co-op - 7 years ago

I know there is now a pick up site in Junction City (YAY!), but does it have it's own Facebook page or anything? I've noticed a few sites have their own Facebook pages and instagram hashtags.

Stolen Garage Door Opener - 7 years ago

Okay, I WASN'T mad, until my garage door miraculously opened while I was playing with my children in the front room, and when I walked outside a boy from the park was riding past on his bike. I asked...

Stolen Garage Door Opener - 7 years ago

Our garage door opener was taken off our stroller at a park in Forsyth. My 4 year old saw the boy do it but didn't think to tell me until we left. If anybodys kids come home with it please let me know...

Santa is cruising around JC - 7 years ago

My weird Kansas experiences continued today. While walking into the JC Walmart I noticed the oncoming car was being driven by a big man with a white beard and a red hat. He stopped and told my kids me...

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